Black Egg - Melencolia

BLACK EGG est un code secret, une intention speciale, une discipline du chaos.

Dans un temps où la rigueur n’est qu’un concept économique, nous affirmons notre désir, sans concession, avec persistance, selon le mot de Coil, et obstination. Un art sans concession, guidé par l’absolu du désir et de la perfection, en dehors des modes et de la complaisance, puisé au fond de la chair et de l’esprit, profondément, rigoureusement.

BLACK EGG est un collectif, une œuvre, une voie vers la lumière, vers la lumière noire du rêve, vers le réel intérieur, ouvert au-dedans.

Nous croyons en la pureté brutale, en une poésie mutilée, en une musique révélée, en un monde sonique où la paresse n’a pas sa place.

Nous voulons une musique, une esthétique qui change la vie, un art de vivre et de mourir.

Limited edition of 300 hand-numbered copies, white vinyl, gatefold.

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Brooklyn post-punk/dream pop band The Harrow walk a fine line between the alluring and the surreal. Driving, club-centric electronics nestle against lush organic instrumentation, woven with vivid songcraft. The result is a hauntingly familiar sound that is never complacent in scope.

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Cold Showers - Plantlife

Cold Showers, a band formed in Highland Park, California in 2010, fuses the brash power of their shoegaze pedigree with the smokey compulsions of post-punk / no-wave ancestors. Cold Showers would fit in well amongst their idols on the Factory or early Rough Trade back catalog, but blend in perfectly amongst the unique foliage of the Dais Records roster. Cold Showers sophomore album out sees the band step up to the plate with more pop sensibility under their belt. This is the pervasive pop mode against which Cold Showers cast themselves, but haven’t fully relinquished themselves from their signature piston-precision rhythms and anthem laden synthesizer illuminations that came about within the band’s formation.

Limited edition of 300 hand numbered copies, white vinyl.

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Blush Response - Future Tyrants

Here’s the latest album from Blush Response, an American Electronic Music project based in New York. It is the solo project of musician Joey Blush.

Limited edition of 500 hand-numbered copies.

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Phase Fatale - Grain

Phase Fatale is the techno project of Berlin-based DJ and producer Hayden Payne from New York. Born out of his various and broad musical ventures over the past 8 years, Phase Fatale is an artistic endeavor that serves as an outlet for his own interpretation of the darker, harder and industrial-leaning techno. The project aims to demolish the border between music and noise to create a new individual vision of techno – the sound of future war, whether it’s captured on vinyl or an extract of the digital static.

Phase Fatale uses exclusively hardware to achieve his distinguishable sound for his live sets while his DJ sets feature a unique blend of techno laced with EBM and industrial. His 2014 debut EP Skyscraper on Italian label Avant! Records moves between noise-ridden soundscapes and minimal industrial techno rhythms, capturing the spirits of both EBM classics and modern contemporaries. His most anticipated forthcoming 2015 releases include EPs on Berlin-based [Aufnahme + Wiedergabe] followed by Jealous God. Phase Fatale has played alongside acts such as Clock DVA and Cold Cave around the world from Los Angeles to Moscow.

Listen and order here.

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