Melania . - Rimorsum

Melania . is a techno / industrial / EBM / new wave / experimental / ambient solo project from Berlin.

Melania derived from Greek ”Μελαινα” – meaning “black, dark”. In Greek Mythology Μελαινα was one of the nymph of the sacred Korykian cave, presided over the subterranean spring.

12″ EP / Digital Album

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Veil Of Light - Ursprung Remixed

Here’s 4 tracks from the Veil Of Light’s Ursprung LP remixed by S S S S, Phase Fatale, Blush Response and Codex Empire.

12″ / Digital Album

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Schwefelgelb - Dahinter das Gesicht

Here’s the latest EP from Schwefelgelb, a Techno Body Music duo from Berlin.

12″ / Digital Album

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Sixth June - Virgo Rising

Sixth June is a band from Berlin with origins in Belgrade, formed in December 2007 by Laslo Antal, visual artist and actress Lidija Andonov. Having two people in the band who are closely connected to film, theatre and video art enables Sixth June to be recognizable not only by the music, but the visuals as well.

Digital Album

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Zex Model - Dead Body

Here’s the 5th release from Zex Model, an industrial project from Kaliningrad, Russia.

Digital Album

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