Fléau - II

Fléau is the solo project of Mathieu Mégemont (a.k.a Le Mage), also a member of the bands Year Of No Light, VvvV and AE.

New figure of Bordeaux synthwave scene besides Hord and Volcan, Fléau is coming out on Anywave with his first self-titled album: 7 titles with dark shades, composed exclusively on analog synthesizers dirtied into fuzz and drowned in spring reverb.

2 x LP / Digital Album

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Bad News from Cosmos - Minn Sjó

Bad News from Cosmos is a Ukrainian duo (Andrii Hrachov and Iryna Bodnar), active since 2010. Duo is mostly focused on creating songs and freeform improvisations narrating of love and death.

“We are devotees of mathematical polyphonies, sequences and improvisations based on pure feeling and dark romantic world vision. We fuel our passion for composing by the inspiration we get from vibrant and harsh sound textures, as well as from the flexibility of the music piece form. We search our style in the area where classical composition form and vitalizing freedom of avant-approach are intercrossed. An eternal experiment is the way we’ve chosen to lead us to what we call a musical perfection.”

CD / Digital Album

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