Monday & Tuesday – Ze Dark Dude (Isère, France)

Ze Dark Dude is a professor of French and literature: he will allow you to revise your post-punk classics (mostly 80′s) while regularly playing blocks devoted to other styles and specific themes (EBM, cold-wave, Halloween, etc.) He is also the author of the Amnesia blog developed in parallel of the Amnesia radio show on C’rock radio.

Wednesday – Ghostsent (Egio, Greece)

Ghostsent is passionate about post punk, new wave and minimal synth for many years. He was running a post punk show named “Music Tunnel” for 10 years on Radiosyxnotita.

Thursday – Maddox (Antwerp, Belgium) temporary replaced by the Son Of The Silent Age (Mechelen, Belgium)

Maddox is a serious synth wave geek with a collection of over 5000 vinyls. He used to sell records, mixed in many underground clubs and was hosting a radio show called “Deep Space Radio” in Antwerp, Belgium.

Expect lots of minimal wave, dark wave, avant garde, industrial and other obscure rarities…

Friday, Saturday & Sunday- Mon Onc’ X (Québec, Canada)

Mostly underground synth wave, cold wave, post punk, synth punk, batcave and industrial with some mainstream classics.