Sunday (back in September) – Emuziek (Oslo, Norway)

Retired wedding and booze-cruise DJ. College radio host of the “Industrial Trance” show on KCWU/KCAT. Collector of minimal synthesizer, analogue based, vocoder-filled, electronic music. Mostly into early 80s, but does expand into several other genres and more modern releases.

Eclectic – eccentric – electronic. Expect the unexpected during his sets!

Monday (back in May) – Glam Dude (WA, USA)

A long time DJ since the very beginning of XWave, Glam Dude is an enigma wrapped inside of a mystery. Glam originally hails from the sunny California and is now located in a remote off-the-grid wilderness outpost somewhere deep in Washington State, USA. You can be sure to hear a diverse mix of glam rock, goth, post punk electronic, synth wave, EBM and industrial with a dose of death rock seasoning to keep it interesting.

Tune in Mondays to keep the mania alive!

Tuesday – Ze Dark Dude (Isère, France)

The Dark Dude is a professor of French and literature: he will allow you to revise your post-punk classics (mostly 80′s) while regularly playing blocks devoted to other styles and specific themes (EBM, cold-wave, Halloween, etc.) He is also the author of the Amnesia blog developed in parallel of the Amnesia radio show on C’rock radio.

Wednesday – Ghostsent (Egio, Greece)

Ghostsent is passionate about post punk, new wave and minimal synth for many years. He also runs a local radio show in Egio every Saturday night (19.00 – 21.00 CET) on Radio Syxnotita.

Thursday – Maddox (Antwerp, Belgium)

Maddox is a serious synth wave geek with a collection of over 5000 vinyls. He used to sell records, mixed in many underground clubs and was hosting a radio show called “Deep Space Radio” in Antwerp, Belgium.

Expect lots of minimal wave, dark wave, avant garde, industrial and other obscure rarities…

Friday – Ia Iae Aeie (Bedford, England)

Ia Iae Aeie explores a large range of eclectic music and soundtrack ambiance, from folk, psychedelic, disco and electronica to worldwide pop & 80′s punk.

Just forget about the labels, sit down, relax, open your mind and get ready to go into unexplored areas of sheer madness.

Saturday – Le Pop Pathétique (Athens, Greece)

Le Pop Pathétique is an old school new waver focusing mainly on lost forgotten gems from early 80′s post punk, new wave, darkwave and minimal synth scene, always searching the underground for melodies and weirdness.

He has been working as a DJ since 2010 in the Greek local scene and used to run his own radio show on a Greek Web radio called “Indieground Radio”.

Stand-in – Mon Onc’ X (London, England)

Mostly underground synth wave, cold wave, post punk, batcave and industrial with some mainstream classics.