Monday – DJ BLeeK (Vancouver, Canada)

DJ BLeeK is the host of Seattle’s “Urban Mutant” at KHUH fm and resides in Vancouver BC, creating radio and live DJ shows for many years. An original 80s malcontent DJ that has never remained stagnant. He’ll offer a gigantic variety of unpredictable darkwave, synthpunk, and his branded “haunted & damaged” favourites.

Tuesday – Ze Dark Dude (Isère, France)

Ze Dark Dude is a professor of French and literature: he will allow you to revise your post-punk classics (mostly 80′s) while regularly playing blocks devoted to other styles and specific themes (EBM, cold-wave, Halloween, etc.) He is also the author of the Amnesia blog developed in parallel of the Amnesia radio show on C’rock radio.

Wednesday – Ghostsent (Egio, Greece)

Ghostsent is passionate about post punk, new wave and minimal synth for many years. He was running a post punk show named “Music Tunnel” for 10 years on Radiosyxnotita.

Thursday – Maddox (Antwerp, Belgium)

Maddox is a serious synth wave geek with a collection of over 5000 vinyls. He used to sell records, mixed in many underground clubs and was hosting a radio show called “Deep Space Radio” in Antwerp, Belgium.

Expect lots of minimal wave, dark wave, avant garde, industrial and other obscure rarities…

Friday, Saturday & Sunday- Mon Onc’ X (Québec, Canada)

Mostly underground synth wave, cold wave, post punk, synth punk, batcave and industrial with some mainstream classics.