Power Drive - Evocation Drive

Imagine you are trapped inside an old arcade… the claustrophobic tense atmosphere of electrified circuits and burning wires feeds the urge of breaking the boundaries… welcome to ‘Evocation Drive’, a neo-futuristic dark outrun trip within a pixelated world…

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Peine Perdue - Disparitions

Medical Records returns to France (by way of Berlin) to present the first full length vinyl LP by contemporary artist Peine Perdue. Peine Perdue was born in 2010 from the meeting of Berlin-based artist and musician Stephane Argillet and Coco Gallo.

Peine Perdue finds its inspiration in a certain geometry, poetry and clearness in music and art such displayed by the cold abstractions of XVIIIth century harpsichordists (Couperin, Pancrace Royer etc) to the graceful minimalism of Erik Satie, the sugar uncluttered pop of the 60′s yéyé and finally to the arithmetic synthpop of the early 80′s. Among the artists and personalities that emulate their creativity are, among others, Delphine Seyrig, ESG, Elli & Jacno, Anna Akhmatova, William Onyeabor, Luisa Casati, André Cadere, Rainer Fassbinder or Robert Bresson. Construction, vertigo and symmetry with sensitivity but without sentimentality. Integrating the above references into a delicate mix with very personal and cinematic sensibility led by the obsessive sensuality of Coco’s voice.

Previous releases have included a cassette on Vocoder Tapes in 2012 followed by a 6 track vinyl EP on Kernkrach Records (Germany). Their first full length was a CDR in 2014 on Cold Beats Records. They have toured extensively as well in Europe in between recording sessions. The material on this LP is comprised of all new material written in late 2014. Despite it’s articulate minimalism, the tracks are very compulsive and lend themselves seamlessly to the dance floor as well as to the soundtrack to a dark late night rendezvous. Coco’s vocals synergistically complements the fragile and perfect synth lines and beats. Standout tracks include “Surprise Partie”, “Noyes”, and “Cerceaux” though the entire record flows beautifully from track to track. This record will appeal to fans of the aforementioned legendary French synth pop acts and the like. Mastered by Martin Bowes at the Cage Studios, UK.

Presented on high-quality 180 grams heavyweight blue vinyl. Limited edition.

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Tanks and Tears - Know Yourself

From Prato, Italy, Tanks And Tears are Claudio Pinellini (guitar), Matteo Cecchi (bass, voice) and Francesco Ciulli (drums). They mix 80′s post-punk atmospheres with sonorities of the Seattle grunge scene.

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Geometric Vision - Virtual Analog Tears

Geometric Vision is a band formed by A.Giordano. He starts composing songs and lyrics reflecting dark and nostalgic atmospheres typical of dark and cold wave but with a modern attitude which draws inspiration from contemporaneous berlin’s and British minimal synth experiments.

After a while he decides to create a real band which takes more substantial form after having experienced several line up changes… With Gennaro Campanile playing bass guitar and Roberto Amato on guitar everything seems to work out.

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Jupiter 8 - The Unknown

It’s summertime in the small town of Shermer, Colorado. A group of teenagers pass their nights by drinking beer with their girlfriends in an old house in the woods. One night a meteorite crashes near the house, when they go to investigate they discover a nest of alien slugs who attack them and start to infest the city. The remaining teenagers try to find a solution, with the help of their biology teacher, but the invasion has already begun.

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