Enfant Terrible: Various Artists- I Am Enfant Terrible

I Am Enfant Terrible

Bleed what you preach…

This new compilation is created to celebrate the 10 years of activity of Enfant Terrible… I could have done a best off… or I could have done a compilation with all the people who I have collaborated with the past 10 years… but instead I have choosen to present a single album which is pointing forward into the future and still shows it roots… ‘I Am Enfant Terrible’ makes clear the traditions I have been working in but at the same time is an album with the broad spectrum of sounds I am interested in… from indie pop to new wave to minimal synth and from noise to elektro and IDM and ambient… from poppy to experimental to dance music… this is what I do and this is what I am…

In the process of creating this record I had to leave out a few artists I like a lot… but this is for sake only of creating a coherent and diverse album and a listening experience as you are used to get served from me with compilations… so I hope you enjoy this selection… thanks for tuning in and making this trip with me!

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Posted on March 25th, 2014 under Releases,