Icy Cold Records: Tisiphone – Koma Forte

Tisiphone – Koma Forte

Four years after the release of the debut album, the French Tisiphone are back, this time, for an absolutely changeable adrenaline injection that will follow the short-duration format. The new EP, entitled KOMA FORTE, hits the shelves and consists of a total of six themes in an approximate duration of half an hour. From the new EP – which received additional details this week – the track “Atomic Tissue” had previously been released, which can be heard below with audiovisual work.

KOMA FORTE follows the trio’s first career LP, TISIPHONE and presents a very eclectic sound without being attached to a single conception. From entertainment theater to widely sentimental sounds, the new EP by Tisiphone promises to make a stir in 2020. In addition to “Atomic Tissue”, the French have presented in live performances the theme “Heureux Je Suis” which will also integrate the alignment of the new work.

LP / Digital Album

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